My Top Ten Résumé (also known as CV) tips – by Roz Fisher

  1. Make sure there are NO spelling mistakes. That includes the words “Résumé” and “Curriculum Vitae”
  2. Make sure the document is no more than two or three pages long
  3. If you have performed the same job at multiple places, combine the details to save space
  4. You don’t need to include every job you’ve ever done if the job is not applicable or didn’t last long
  5. Don’t use colour
  6. Don’t use weird fonts, it may look different and odd when they print it, if they don’t have the same font
  7. Make sure you contact your references and ask their permission to include them.
  8. Don’t mix your tenses – read it out loud before you send it off to make sure it makes sense
  9. Don’t use a crazy email address like – if need be, create a specific “job application” email account
  10. Make sure you get all the company and referee names correct- it looks really bad if you get your ex employer wrong, especially if the person reading your application knows that person

Think of it this way- when you send in a résumé and a cover letter, it’s joining a pile of hundreds of other applications. The poor HR person can’t go through every single one, so for starters, they look for any reason to whittle the pile down to a manageable size. They then want to be able to read the résumé in two minutes or less.

My goal is to create a document that stays in the pile for as long as possible, can be read in less than two minutes and has no mistakes.

After that, the rest is up to you….